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MIUB-Redmine: Registration closed, system is EOL - shutdown 1st May 2018!
Added by Redmine Admin 2 months ago

terrsysmp migration: TerrSysMP-DART Interface
Added by Prabhakar Shrestha over 1 year ago

libradolan: Project moved to github
Added by Jürgen Simon over 1 year ago

terrsysmp migration: TerrSysMP-DART Interface
Added by Prabhakar Shrestha over 1 year ago

Meanie3D: New version 1.6.0 released
An easy way to key up results without proper visualisation was added in the form of tracking graphs. The graphs are provided in a navigable form in an html file produced by the post-processing script.
Added by Jürgen Simon about 2 years ago

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  • Radarmeteorology (12/05/2016 08:59 am)

    Lecture Radarmeteorology

    This Lecture on Radarmeteorology consists of three parts.

    Part 1 covers the theoretical background. Part 2 consists of a set of jupyter notebooks (python) where the radar processing algorithms introduced in Part 1 are utilized. In Part 3 the students produce a seminar paper on a given task using the learned theorie and computational algorithms....

  • terrsysmp migration (02/19/2016 11:09 am)

    The new url of terrsysmp is


    - Users with a MIUB account don´t have to re-register, a direct login (miub login data) for all MIUB members is possible.
    - Non MIUB/external users have to re-register - and must be activated by Marc (send email to with cc to )...

  • meanie3D-examples (01/22/2016 04:19 pm)

    Contains examples for applied cases. Can serve as reference for configurations etc.

  • Meanie3D (01/15/2013 10:15 am)

    This project provides a very generic implementation of mean-shift clustering on NetCDF data sets. The data sets need to follow the CF-Metadata. The mean-shift algorithm is a robust unsupervised clustering algorithm with a wide range of applications. Meanie3D provides a multivariate implementation with no limits as to the number of variables that can be used in constructing the Featurespace. ...

  • MIUB-Redmine (12/05/2011 11:37 am)